A Run Through the Gauntlet (is that anything?)

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War was released this weekend. It was big. It was a very big movie with lots of parts and I’m going to talk about it now, spoilers and all.

General Talk

Thank goodness this wasn’t all stuffed into one movie. My main concern (one I’m sure I wasn’t alone in) was how well all of these characters would converge. And they still had me a little worried at the beginning, where they suffered from what I usually think of as a “pilot problem” in television: there’s a lot to set up before we can dig deeper, which leaves some parts feeling rushed. So the beginning is kinda “boom it’s Thanos boom these guys are dead boom Hulk to Earth” to “boom let Bruce explain Thanos with boom it’s Tony and boom we gotta fight Thanos’s Black Order.” It’s fast, but it’s not unnecessary, and luckily the rest of the movie doesn’t follow suit. The entire far-reaching squad of superheroes is segmented into smart, smaller groups. Though Doctor Strange does quite literally just pluck Tony Stark from his walk in the park and Bruce is beamed into his lap, the rest of the introductions felt pretty natural. It’s easy to work the Guardians of the Galaxy into the story because of their connection to Thanos, but I was impressed that they were actually responding to Thor’s distress signal; it was a unique way to introduce them and nice to see them actually guarding the galaxy, on like a regular day of work. Vision of course gets attacked for his Infinity Stone, which brings us to him and Scarlett Witch and eventually our more tactical Avengers ,as they’ve been hiding since the events of Captain America: Civil War. Once these groups are established, they’re kept separate for most of the movie, which balances the plot and lowers the amount of characters to keep track of at once.

Though the title-yet-to-be-revealed Avengers 4 isn’t officially “Part 2” of Infinity War anymore, it was a good decision to keep the story split into two parts. This is why the ending works. Yes, we know in the next movie our heroes will almost certainly reverse Thanos’s killing of half of the universe, but if this arc had happened in one movie, it would have been incredibly rushed, and probably unsatisfying. Our heroes tried, but after a series of near-misses in stopping Thanos, it just makes sense that after he completes his gauntlet, he wins. It’s the most logical ending, and one that allows us to sit with the (semi-)finality through the credits. The next movie will then let us circle up with and focus on the original Avengers, for what is most likely their last outing together, which deserves its own importance.

It was exhausting, and the ending doesn’t leave you happy, but it does get you ready for what’s next.

Likes and Thoughts

-I wanted to hear how the film would use the Avengers theme, and, as a big fan of Steve Rogers, was so excited to hear the theme kick in with his reveal, which was set up so well to have him, Black Widow, and Falcon triumphantly enter and save Vision and Scarlett Witch.

-Let the record show that Steve Rogers is a good boy. So is Peter Parker.

-Speaking of cool fight scenes with Black Widow, when she and Okoye step in to protect Wanda? And then she joins in? Yeah ladies. Good stuff.

-Wanda and Vision had an emotional arc that really felt sincere.

-But uh, hey Marvel? Did you give us a plot reason for why Elizabeth Olson dropped the accent, because I sure missed it if you did! Totally okay with it, but again, if there was like a line mentioned in passing about being undercover, it sure went over my head.

-The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of this being the titular Infinity War with the next title pertaining more toward the, I don’t know, time-reversing world-saving actions.

-#Where’sHawkeye Watch: I really wanted to see him in this film, but I’m sure he’ll be more present when the original team joins back up. Although I did think that’s who Nick Fury was paging in the post-credits scene, which leads me to…

-I am so excited to see Brie Larson in Captain Marvel, and the reveal she's coming to help only helped my excitement. Plus, it’s the one thing to help you feel better after Infinity War’s ending.

-I am bummed I have another year of worrying about characters dying though.

That’s it folks. This movie wore me out but I definitely need to see it again, and I’m excited for the rest of the ride.