The Good Girls Want Me To Love Them (I Do)

Oh, Good Girls. It’s as if you heard my doubts last week and decided to just serve me up some delicious nuggets on a silver platter. I want to get back to those nuggets as soon as possible, so let’s just get started.

Last Week Follow-Up

So it turns out the Good Girls aren’t murderers (yet?), and for their sake, I’m glad. Instead, our would-be rapist Boomer gets relegated to a tree house, gagged and bound with jump ropes, which, yes. Eventually he cuts his feet free (using a toy dump truck, appropriately) and runs away, though not very far before falling over a dirt pile into a hole. Annie (Mae Whitman) then pulls down his pants (“She’s gonna cut his penis off!”) and snaps a dick pic, which she then texts to “her daughter,” letting Boomer know he is now part of an agreement of mutually assured destruction: he goes to the cops about the robbery, they expose him for sending nudes to a minor. Though I’d wish they’d acknowledged how legitimately bad Boomer is (you know, because of all the rape), he’s also just a gross person and this is basically the perfect punishment for him.

That leaves the matter of the gang. After a suggestion from Ruby (Retta) to ransom Boomer, they instead head to a nursing home to rob his grandmother, after she (realistically and comically) doesn’t pick up the phone. This segment has a scene so great it’s drawn me in for a least another week or two, so let’s skip that for now and come to the conclusion: Beth (Christina Hendricks) won’t rob the old lady. She can’t bring herself to do it, which brings me to another concern I have for the series: I don’t want the Good Girls to go bad. It seems inevitable, as I don’t think they can comedy-of-errors their way through multiple seasons.

It seems they’re already addressing how to keep the plot moving. Though Beth refuses to steal the old woman’s Scrooge McDuck cash stash, Annie does make off with a few collectable tchotchkes that are apparently worth big bucks on eBay. Though the gang leader isn’t having it, he does admire Beth’s resolve as she explains why the gang can’t kill the Good Girls, leaving him to return at the end of the episode to offer some mysterious deal (well, less offering and more family threatening). For now, the Good Girls are probably going to be forced into committing more crimes for the gang.

So where do we go from here? I don’t want the Good Girls to follow in Walter White’s path, but they’re likely headed to villain status eventually. But the show also has to deal with the three women separately; each has their own lives and families to deal with, giving them their own motivations. I can see Beth getting closer with the gang leader; she’s already taken on the role of leader among the girls. Ruby, however, has already shown a lot of resistance, and will likely want out as soon as possible, plus she’s got that future-cop husband to deal with. Annie, as the little sister, will probably go with whatever Beth does. Maybe Beth will be our Walter White? Maybe the Good Girls will manage to stay good? Who knows!

About Those Nuggets

Now that we’ve been through the episode, let’s jump back to those nuggets. I mentioned last week that I loved Good Girls’s humor, and they kept me consistently laughing again this week. For example, those trinkets that Annie stole I mentioned earlier? What I left out was that Annie discovers how much they sell for on eBay (pretty funny), but then presents them in a box to the gang leader and explains how much they sell for, as if this gang leader who’s been threatening them with guns is going to just open an eBay account and auction off some tiny men to get the thousands of dollars he’s owed. Oh, wait, sorry, the girls actually just give him usernames and passwords for their accounts, so really he doesn’t have that much work to do. It’s such a bad way of dealing with the situation and it’s so good because of that. I mean, it then leads them almost being murdered, but hey, what are you gonna do?

On a serious note, there’s a good segment where the Good Girls deal with the idea of their impending death, with Beth assuring her daughter mommies always come back, Annie telling her ex important things about their daughter, and Ruby making tons of lasagna for her family to eat when she’s gone. It’s a really sweet moment all around, and one of the better dramatic moments of the episode and the show so far.

But finally, the scene that earned so much investment from me, a scene that they might as well have tailored for me specifically. Remember how Boomer was stuck in that tree house? He has a moment of hope when Beth’s husband (Shaggy himself Matthew Lilliard) sneaks home to mow the lawn as a sign of good faith. He can’t hear Boomer, however, because not only is he mowing, he’s dancing to Africa by Toto as he does. This becomes the background music as Beth rifles through the grandma’s possession, searching for the money. Honestly it’s 100% the song choice that makes this scene, but I don’t care, it’s good.

I don’t know where Good Girls is heading, but I’m definitely staying on the ride a little longer. As long as I can stay invested in the characters and keep laughing, I’m good for a while.

Good Girls airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.